Joint Pain Relief with QC Kinetix

If you suffer from chronic joint pain, a doctor can help you find the right treatment for your specific condition. An orthopaedic physician will use a variety of diagnostic tests to rule out underlying diseases and evaluate your joint’s function. X-rays, ultrasounds, and MRIs are often required to get a full picture of your joint. Your physician may recommend surgery, physical therapy, or a combination of both. Discover this info here regenerative medicine near me

Regardless of the treatment method you choose, a physical exam is the first step in diagnosing your condition. During this exam, your healthcare provider will gather a detailed medical history and evaluate the extent and location of your joint pain. He or she will examine your joints and look for any signs of inflammation or abnormality. Some doctors may even recommend some simple lifestyle changes. If your joint pain is caused by an underlying disease, your physician may suggest invasive treatment.
A healthy diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, lean meat, and whole grains is recommended. Avoid junk food, processed foods, and saturated fat. These foods will also help you keep your weight in check and give you the vitamins and minerals that you need. However, you should be careful when taking joint health supplements, as many of them can lead to unwanted side effects. Your physician can give you more information about which foods and lifestyle changes are best for you.
While nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can provide some relief for joint pain, they may not alleviate long-term joint damage and can lead to dependency. Opioids, which are commonly prescribed for minor aches and pains, can also lead to addiction and dependency. If you’re suffering from severe joint damage due to RA, your doctor may recommend long-acting opioids. Only use these medications under the supervision of a rheumatologist.

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